Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Killed in the Fog, by William DeAndrea

Killed in the Fog
By William DeAndrea

After seeing some favorable reviews of the late William DeAndrea's books on various other mystery sites I decided to give one a try. One of my barometers for what I thought of a book is whether I'd read another title by that author. In the case of DeAndrea, I'd say probably not.

Which is not to say that there was anything wrong with Killed in the Fog, because there wasn't. I guess I'd just have to say that it although it was quite well done and moved along at a good pace it just wasn't my sort of thing.

Apparently number eight in a series of books that featured TV executive and amateur detective Matt Cobb, this one finds Cobb relocating to London and getting tangled up in a mess that involves visa (not the credit card) scams and a couple of murders. Well done, but just not my cup of tea.


  1. I haven't read this particular title, but allow me to act as William DeAndrea's groveling apologist by pointing out that this book was published in the year he passed away and the devastating illness that snatched him away from us might be to blame for blunting the brilliance that used to come natural to him in his other books. Don't give up on him and sample some of his other novels.

    I can especially recommend the award winning The HOG Murders, which is perfect blend of the modern thriller and puzzle orientated, GAD novel. I also hold Killed in the Ratings and Killed on the Rocks in high regard.

  2. I'll try out some of those other titles. As I recall, yours is one of the fine sites where DeAndrea was first brought to my attention.

  3. After reading "Cronus", any illusions I had about DeAndrea's perfection were shattered. Like other authors, he can have his off days as well. TomCat raises a good point about considering his illness, and I think the other entries in the Matt Cobb series are delightful. If you enjoy the Nero Wolfe stories, you'll probably enjoy this series, as Cobb speaks with *the* voice of Archie Goodwin. The influence is unmistakable.

    Plus, bonus points to DeAndrea for the clever impossible murder of "Killed on the Rocks" and for avoiding major spoilers in "Encyclopedia Mysteriosa". It's really great when an author doesn't feel the need to comment on and potentially spoil "Roger Ackroyd", even though it's the "I am your father" of the mystery world (you know, the twist ending so famous everyone knows it even if they haven't read it themselves).

  4. Given that I'm a huge Nero Wolfe fan I'll take yet another recommendation to give DeAndrea another shot.