Sunday, January 15, 2012

James Anderson’s Country House Mysteries

My mission to spread the gospel of James Anderson continues. I've reviewed each of his three country house mysteries at this site. You can access those reviews here.

More recently I wrote an article that appeared at the Criminal Element blog, titled Murder Among the Gentry: James Anderson’s Country House Mysteries. You can read that article here. If none of that convinces you to read Anderson's books I don't know what else I can do.


  1. You can always distribute pamphlets and go door-to-door, asking people if they've accepted Anderson into their lives...

    But in all honesty, these are good articles and I applaud you for bringing these books to my attention. I loved "Mutilated Mink" and hope I can read another book in the series this year. (I don't want to rush through them all too quickly, though!)

  2. I like those ideas, Patrick. I'm also thinking of getting a monkey and an organ and hitting the streets to sing the praises of Anderson. Whatever it takes.