Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stuart Palmer on the Big Screen

I still haven't read any of Stuart Palmer's fiction, aside from one short story, but I have Murder on the Blackboard on the To Be Read pile. In the meantime I'm spreading the gospel of Hildegarde Withers, based on my viewings of the filmed adaptations that came out in the Thirties. I recently wrote an article on the topic for Criminal Element. It's called The Schoolmarm and the Grouch: Stuart Palmer on the Big Screen. You can read my reviews of the Withers movies here.

Let’s have a big round of applause for Turner Classic Movies. Nowadays there are any number of ways to access the classic comic mystery movies that seemed to flourish in the thirties and forties but there’s probably no easier way than to point your recording device of choice to TCM and press record. I’ve been catching up on a number of such films this way and as of this writing a Thin Man marathon is only about a week away.


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  1. Great guide to all the movies Bill, which are enormous fan. I've never seen the Broderick film so it was particularly interesting to read about that (the version of TCM that broadcasts in the UK has little to do with what they show in the US, not least because the RKO library is actually owned by the BBC and not by Watner/Turner).

    Believe it or not, I literally have MURDER ON THE BLACKBOARD the novel, and the film, on my desk as I was just readying a review of film and book - just might delay that one a bit now frankly ...

    Thanks for doing such a good job.